• Why is podcasting so cool?
A podcast is a very nifty way of getting music directly to your itunes. Thousands of people out in the web world are now recording their own radio shows and turning them into podcasts. They are completely bypassing the traditional terrestrial radio stations and creating their OWN content, for YOU.

  • So how exactly does it work?
I create my own radio show at home using mixmeister and a crusty old microphone. I then convert it into MP3 format and turn it into an XML feed.

  • So how do I get the show?
By downloading a Podcast aggregator like iTunes from HERE.

When you've downloaded it, install and click on 'Advanced', 'Subscribe to Podcast' and paste in the text below:


It will then automatically download NYUB shows from now on.

  • Do I need an iPod?
No because you can download the MP3 files directly from here to use in any MP3 player.

Is what you're doing illegal?

  • All of my music I feature on my show is from unsigned bands or material that has been released into public domain by the artists themselves.